About me

Welcome to my Website, i hope you like my work. I love to create Livery Design, Custom Helmet Graphics, Corporate Design, Sponsor Proposals, 3D Modeling and CGI / 3D Render and off course Regular Graphic Design since 2006. I do this for many years and my work with several racing teams was always a good experience. But i work also for communication agencys to create advertising, clothing graphics, artworks and more.

Many Racing Drivers all over the world wearing racing helmets with P13 design. The painting is the part of my good friend Iain Baldwin. He is a real god in Airbrush art.

My personal work in the freetime is most of the time digital art and digital painting. I use a lot of programs to do my work and the practice is soo important to improve my work.
Maybe i can show you my skills and maybe you have interest. Maybe…in the meantime i go to work.