Copics arrived

I create for years besides my regular creative work on many art works with pen and pencil and watercolors. But now i decide i will have a couple of Copic Markers to see how it works.

And now….the first gray tones arrived my desk. I`m so exited to test this in my sketchbook.

Here you can see som color swatches to compare the different shades with each other and a quick sketches with the markers in my sketchbook with 100g/m2 papers.
Copic color swatches Copic color swatches

It´s a dream to blend the markers and the feeling is awesome. The markers itself is very well produced. The advantage with this markers is the possibility to refill it with all the 358 beautiful colors…it´s so good for the wallet in the long term.

There is on problem with alcohol based markers….the bleeding on the paper. You need the right paper in your Artbook or the right sheet. I would recommend 300g/m2 and when you need the right sketchbook look at Stillman&Birn… of the best.

You can buy copics in three different types

1. The Copic Classic Marker &
2. The Copic Ciao Markers &
3. The Copic Sketch Markers

Copic Sketch and Copic ciao is nearly the same… the same nibs but the ciao is smaller…it means less ink in it. The Copic Classic Marker is the biggest of all…the most ink BUT not the same nibs on it. For the refilling you can buy the Copic Various Ink. You can refill with on bottle the Classic 6 times, the Sketch 12 times and the ciao 16 times.

I love my last purchase…soooo in love with this markers compare to other brands.

A nice day. See you.

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