Livery Design

A white car is in your shop...thats the right time to think about the livery. My work brings your partners/sponsors in the right spot on the track. All eyes on your car...thats the goal. I designing your racing suit, support trucks and team equipment also. Whatever you have in mind...PIXELTHIRTEEN make it happen.

Helmet Design

A racing driver has one personal equipmet that shows who he is....yes i mean the helmet. I design a unique and stylish helmet for you. Whatever you want... classic or extreme style. I work together with the super talented painter Iain Baldwin from Liquid Colour Designs, so if you want, we can paint my design straight on the helmet too. You have the choice.

Corporate Design

A logo set the tone of your work. I design a corporate identity that fits perfect to your business. Style, colors and claim with all my experience.

3D Visualization

A product, car or design in fully 3D. Production of a new product is very time consuming and a 3D visualization is easier to handle and you can show your customers the product before the production begins. A second way to use the models is the presentation of your products or graphics.

Graphic Design

Graphic design means the work on artworks, advertising or maybe businesscards and this sort of things. All these is my daily work and i´m very exited to bring your ideas to real live.